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Camry Influences Their Customers To Crash

Toyota released their 2013 Toyota Camry commercial on air as well as on YouTube on September 29, 2013. Under the published video on YouTube, Toyota wrote and I quote “Toyota Camry SE isn’t just a reliable car. It’s a heck of a thrill ride”. They also used hashtag , such as #Camry #Thrillride. Under the YouTube video, there was an interesting comment which said “How sad they need a thrill ride to make this car fun!”  The commercial started off in a huge obstacle course, with ramps, loops and tunnels. Then, they showed people describing what they thought about the car. Later on, it shows the people who rode the car with a professional driver’s reaction. You see the people get into a black Camry. They showed the car driving over the ramps, going around the loops, and spading through the tunnel. The test rider’s reaction showed as if they were on the Raging Bull at Six Flags. When the test rider got out the car, they looked ruffled. Who was this commercial’s target market audience? Who was this commercial advertising for? Was the commercial geared towards reckless drivers? Where would you be able to drive this car and make use of the speed? The only place where there is no speed limit is on the Autobahn in Germany. This commercial will influence the consumer to test the speed and the liability of the car. People will buy this car and want to imitate the driver on the commercial. Not only will adults want to test the limits but, if a parent buys this car and their teenagers drive it, they will be more than likely tempted to exercise reckless driving. Please tell us what you think about this commercial and its influences.

Germany Autobahn

Germany Autobahn

Toyota Camry 2013

Toyota Camry 2013


2 comments on “Camry Influences Their Customers To Crash

  1. jamesjordan1
    October 5, 2013

    I think it’s an interesting topic to discuss. The commercial is a bit gimmicky for my taste. I think if one has driven a toyota or looked at the styling of them or the people who often drive them, you’d think that the brand is quite boring. I think the purpose was to associate the car with having fun and perhaps being sporty.

    It’s targeted at young people and they’re competing with the VW Jetta, Subaru Impreza, Mazda 3, all cars that actually have a sport history, but can mop the floor with the Camry in terms of driving performance/thrill factor. The commercial goes out of the box from the normal thrill car driving through the mountains of weaving around cones. It grabs your attention.

    There aren’t any loopdy-loops on the road and you’re not going to be reckless with something you just paid tens of thousands of dollars for. It’s just to get you thinking about the Camry so they can be in your consideration set when you hit the dealerships and shop for a new car.

  2. matt
    October 7, 2013

    People will NOT buy this car and ‘want to imitate the driver in the commercial’ any more than they’d buy Charmin bog roll and expect an animated mama bear to check their ass after wiping.
    Television commercials are a wasteland devoid of talent and they are all fiercely competing for your attention amidst a deluge of screaming, begging, and pleading that you buy this product over that product. And anyone who believes a Camry is designed and built with this in mind is an utter moron who could do worse than remove himself from the gene pool in a heartwarming display of Darwinian principle.

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