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Billboard On Saturday’s

     Need a place to go on Saturday night?  Here’s an option, Billboard Live.  Me and my girlfriend decided to step out last night; Saturday, September 28, 2013. We went to Billboard Live, located on 2024 W 163rd St, Markham, Illinois, pretty much the south side of Chicago. When we pulled up there was a line outside wrapped around the building. Apparently this was this was the place to go on the south side.  I have a friend who is bartender at this club so there was no issue getting in for me and my girl. There seemed to be no strict dress code from what I could tell. My girl wore flats and I had on all black with tan sandal heels.  

     We arrived at the club at midnight. It opens at 9pm until 4am. When we first entered the club there was a jam of people at the in the hall and a stool for security to sit where you had to pay. So it was a bit uncomfortable coming in.  After we got passed that stuffed hallway we entered the club that had a V.I.P section that seemed to be set up in the mid middle of the dance floor and a stage up front. There were two levels which the upper level wrapped around the entire club so you were able to look down on the main level. There are two bars on the first floor and one long bar located on the top floor.

     The crowded was a bit younger but of course 21 years or older and also a little rough around the edges.  Not a super rowdy crowd but graceful wouldn’t be the word of choice. Apparently it was strip night, so there were poles set up for the dancers. The DJ on for the night was Power 92’s own DJ Pharris, who mixed great R&B and hip-hop throughout the night.  Over all I had a great time, nothing that I would personally get dressed up to go to due to the impression  of the crowd, however I wouldn’t mind visiting again.

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Gabriella Sabertini Billboard Live


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